Correctly Plant Cherry Tomatoes

How to Correctly Plant Cherry Tomatoes And Have Unlimited Supply Of Them

Cherry tomatoes originate in South America. They are an important part of many kitchens in the world, in these areas, mostly used in the Mediterranean.

They are rich in many vitamins and minerals and are rich in many carotenoids, one of the most important sources for Lycopene.

To enjoy the benefits of these tomatoes, you do not have to have your own garden. Tomatoes can be perfectly grown on your terrace.

Here is how to correctly plant cherry tomatoes right

Month May is the time for their planting. To begin with, cherry tomatoes will need lots of sun, at least 6-8 hours a day – therefore, a southwest or south-facing balcony is ideal for growing cherry tomatoes.

Carefully select the container in which the tomatoes will plant. The jar, plastic box or a bowl of wood should be at least 20 to 25 centimeters deep.

At the bottom of the pot, place pieces of brick, coarse sand, or pebbles, and make the openings on the bottom, ensuring adequate drainage, so that the plant does not spoil.

Beginners are advised to buy a seedling. Note that the seedlings must have a thickness of 1 cm and a height of about 20 to 25 centimeters.

Fill the pot with a quality humus soil and place the seedlings together with the soil.

To the stem, put the support, so that the plant can be fixed further.

Correctly Plant Cherry Tomatoes

If you decide to plant tomatoes from seeds, you must allow heat, especially at night. The best place to store pots in the early spring, when the nights are still cold, are the windows over the heating devices.

Pamper them regularly with water, but do not overdo it. Just as much as the earth to be damp.

Tomatoes want organic fertilizer, and a good homemade variant of soil would be a mixture of eggs shells and coffee!

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