What The Condition Of Our Palms Tell Us About Our Health

What The Condition Of Our Palms Tell Us About Our Health

According to the condition of the hands, you can objectively tell that something is wrong with your health. What do we pay attention to will tell us the Doctor of Medical Sciences, Phytotherapeutist Dina Pavlovna Belyasova (Moscow).

Cold hands

In childhood, youth and middle age, this may indicate neurovegetative dystonia, and cold palms combined with increased humidity (wet hands) to problems with the nervous system.

Cold palms and feet in the middle ages can be an indicator of anemia and hypothyroidism, and they also occur in people that sit too much. In older age, the cause of this is usually poor movement and atherosclerotic plaque on the walls of the blood vessels (poor circulation).

To improve blood flow, it is useful to apply a shower contrast, starting from a small difference in temperature, which should gradually increase (if a person does not suffer from severe atherosclerosis). Also, ginger tea is recommended (spoon grated ginger root put in a mug of boiled water), more spices (if there are no problems with the digestive system), as well as daily massage of the fingers and palms. Smokers should stop smoking.

If the palms burn

In addition, arterial pressure is raised, while the palms are reddened by usually this means that the liver’s work is impaired. Need to keep an eye on the pressure and not to burden the liver with oily, fried and smoked foods.

A combination of redness and occasionally tingling of the palms can testify to a lack of vitamins from the B group. It is necessary for the diet to be more diverse. Eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as to take multivitamin complexes for one month in autumn and spring.

Punching and stabbing

Most commonly, it is a disharmony in the endocrine system. Although, even after an examination, it can be established in which exact organ is the congestion.

Yellow hands and fingertip yellowing

It occurs in case of excessive use of carotene products (eg carrots) or diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts. Reduce consuming carrots or avoid carrots (if the problem is in it), also avoid greasy and fried dishes.

Stains on the tips of your fingers

Blue fingers testify to rheumatic diseases (usually manifest with joint pain). Blue spots on the tips of the fingers show disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Smoked meat, turkey, marinated, greasy and baked foods should be ejected from the diet.

Dark red spots on the tips of the fingers indicate kidney disease. It is necessary to make a UAV to exclude sand or stone in the kidneys. As well as to give urine analysis to check the values of proteins and leukocytes.