Clean Your Liver From The Toxins With Just One Day In The Week

Clean Your Liver From The Toxins With Just One Day In The Week

And on the liver itself, which is the main cleaning organ, from time to time he needs rest. Thanks to the diet that we propose, it will reduce the burden and a feeling of relief will appear, the hormonal balance will gradually recover, and even the pigmentation of the face will be normalized, and you will clean the liver.

First mode to clean your liver

Practice one diet day per week: do not eat, just drink vegetable juices (all ingredients you should into a juicer) and water in unlimited quantities. Recipe 1: Take two cucumbers medium size (about 15-20 cm) and stems celery, one large bunch of parsley, coriander or spices, half a lemon juice, teaspoon of olive oil (add to the end).

Recipe 2: Two cucumbers medium size (about 15-20 cm), one apple and a stalk celery, 2-3 fresh roots ginger, teaspoon olive or linseed oil (add to the end).

Recipe 3: One large cucumber (20-35 cm) and pear, 150 g broccoli, one lime juice, a large flower mint, teaspoon of olive or linseed oil (add at the end)

Second mode

Apply from three to seven dietary days:

  • stop eating red and chicken meat, semi-finished products, soy products and milk, coffee, black tea, milk, carbonated drinks, alcohol, vitamin complexes;
  • cut the fruit to two pieces per day:
  • eat green vegetables, berries, especially blueberry, all kinds of cabbage, bitter products – garden rocket, bitter radish, grapefruit
  • drink at least two liters of water a day. It is better to take protein products with breakfast and lunch, and at night eat vegetables and bran. Chew the food as long as you can.
  • you can go to the sauna, then make a message with a rough brush to activate the toxins thrown through the skin.

Third mode

Try to use the tips from the previous points. You can start with green smoothies, at least three days a week.