Is There a Cause For Concern? Shaking Hands Are A Sign Of Too Much Caffeine, Too Little Sleep, And Other Reasons

Our body constantly sends us signals when a problem arises. That is why no changes to the body, even those that are current and point to nothing more serious, must be ignored. Well, if you want to know more about shaking hands, white spots, weak nails or blue nails – keep reading!

Shaking hands

The most common reason for shaking hands is too much caffeine or too little sleep. But some medications can also cause this condition, such as those for asthma and depression. If you notice that your hands are shaking too often, you should see a doctor as this can be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease.

Easily brittle nails

If you find your nails to be particularly weak and brittle, you may be missing zinc. According to doctors, it helps regenerate and nail growth. If zinc is a problem for you, add it to your diet.

White nail dots

This phenomenon is most often associated with bad eating habits, in particular, a lack of zinc, calcium, and iron in the blood. The problem is easily solved by dietary supplements and foods containing the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Blue nails

If your nails turn blue, it means you are not getting enough oxygen. The cause may be respiratory disease or Rhineus syndrome, peripheral arterial disease. This condition can also be caused by poor circulation, especially when temperatures are low. However, if your nails are constantly blue, seek medical advice.

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