Money Tree

They Call It Money Tree, But Its Healing Powers Are Amazing

Money tree preparations are applied externally. It treats wounds, herpes, sore throat, arthritis, removal of swelling, blisters, and hemorrhoids

It is important that this herb is a kind of indicator of the state of health of people living in houses where it grows. That is, the Money tree (Latin Crassula) seems to absorb the negative energy from the sick organism, the organism that begins to diminish. But when diseases is cured, the tree begins to bloom again. The energy level that this incredible herb has is related to the host. It is thought that after its medicinal properties, the money tree does not lag behind the aloe vera. Although its preparations are used most externally for purulent ulcers, cuts, wounds, and deep scratches, the mash of the leaves is placed on a clean bandage (best sterilized) bent in several layers, covered with the same layer and placed on the ulcer or on the wound. The bandage is held for four hours, changing with a new, fresh.

The juice of the money tree cures all herpes on the mouth

Juice is poured from the washed leaves and every half hour with it is put on the painful place.

Or with a soaked cotton swab in the juice, put it in place and fasten it with a medical patch. In situations of a sore throat (angina, tonsilitis) of ten medium-sized leaves, squeeze the juice and dissolve it in a cup of boiled or distilled water. With this solution, wash your throat five times a day. Treatment lasts until the condition improves.

Treat arthritis also with the juice of the money tree. Place a coating overnight on the inflamed joints until the pain passes.

The money tree juice removes pain, itching swelling from mosquito bites, also from the wasps. Cover the places of stinging four to six times a day.