Calcium Water

Calcium Water For Leg Cramps, Strengthening Bones And Teeth

This useful product is truly unique: it suits most people, from the earliest age to old age, and has fantastic healing properties. Read what the Russians do with it and from it.

The egg for many is the first product in life. Our ancestors evaluated not only its high culinary value but also the excellent medicinal properties. In the recipes of Russian folk medicine, eggs of quail, duck, goose, turkey is used, but the most common are the chicken eggs.

Calcium water for strong bones

Since recently, I have leg cramps without a real cause Рmy muscle is crushed with pain. Because of the difficulties, I went to the hospital. After examinations, the doctor told me that my problems were caused by a lack of calcium in the body. It turns out that calcium as an element, apart from strengthening bones and teeth, is responsible for muscle contractions and blood clotting. In short, calcium deficiency greatly affects health. In order to make up for it, I was drinking calcium water.

I cooked three fresh eggs, peeled them and removed the inner membrane. I dried the shells at room temperature and put it in a three-liter jar, in which I then poured boiled and cooled water. In two or three days the remedy was over! I used that water to make tea, soups or other dishes.

Calcium water is adopted much faster when the shells of eggs are minced, and for the effect to be even better it is good to add a little lemon juice.