Burn A Few Dried Bay Leaves

Burn A Few Dried Bay Leaves In Your Home And Feel An Immediate Change To The Atmosphere

Do you want the smell of freshness and purity to always be present in your home without the “synthetic” aroma that is characteristic of industrial refreshers?

Fortunately, there are ways to achieve the desired effect by natural means. One of them is a bay leaf, which, apart from being used in the kitchen, can be useful for other uses.

It can serve as an excellent means of cleaning the home from a variety of unpleasant odors and moisture odors. All you need to do is burn some dry leaves of bay leaves.

What effect can be expected:

  • The smell of bay leaves acts on the body as an analgesic, with which the body more actively secretes endorphins.
  • The smell of bay leaves calms the nervous system.
  • It is able to prevent epilepsy attacks.
  • It helps great with insomnia.
  • Improves airway clearance.

So, burn a few dry bay leaves and leave the room for about ten minutes. When you return, you will notice that even the atmosphere has changed in the room.

In addition, bay leaves are extremely effective in combating various bugs and cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes and moths.

Their scent scares them, and in doing so, is a completely safe agent for both your children and your pets. You can use both fresh and dried leaves, but for best effect use dried bay leaves.

Arrange it in the corners of your house (put it in the kitchen elements), and you will forever forget about the presence of unwanted guests in your home.

Also, from these leaves, you can prepare medicinal oil, which has wonderful properties.

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