Blue Java Banana, The Smooth Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Blue Java Banana, The Smooth Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Bananas grow in hundreds of species, but if you love them and eat regularly, ninety percent is a chance to enjoy the Cavendish variety.

Cavendish is the most widely used commercial variety of bananas. They are bred, imported and eat everywhere because they are large, resistant and bear good transport. But if you’ve ever traveled to Asia or in a better foreign shop they had the opportunity to buy other banana varieties, or maybe bananas that were harvested when they were really mature and did not see the fridge, you know Cavendish is not the most delicious banana close up. In addition, the last four years of Cavendish plantations have fevered fungal diseases that spread from South East Asia to Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Mozambique, and Australian Queensland.

Blue Java Banana tastes like vanilla ice cram

This is the market that opened the blue java door, the banana variety whose popularity grows brighter. Bakers, chefs, and customers literally are crazy about Blue Java banana. This variety belongs to those phenomenal natural mashups that go beyond all the cooking innovations. Blue Java has a taste similar to vanilla ice cream. And works at the same time as fruit and dessert, and is also called ice cream banana. It is also sold as a Hawaiian banana, it crumbles and cuts. It is as rugged as Cavendish and it’s excellent for cold weather.

Blue Java banana has a beautiful blue bun with its name. And a mature banana has a creamy flesh that does not turn into a wet curd as with Cavendish bananas, so it’s much more suitable for a variety of pastry recipes, from creamy desserts to biscuits and bread. Frozen Blue Java banana dipped in chocolate became a street hit. Blue Java has been breeding since the 1920s. It was spontaneous with the mutation of other banana varieties such as so-called apple bananas with a distinctive citrus flavor and Mysore bananas with notes of forest fruit. At the moment, the best Blue Java bananas are grown in the south of Florida. In parts of California and Northwestern American Pacific coasts, in Fiji, the Philippines, and Central America.

Because of its cold resistance, Blue Java works well even in areas where temperatures drop to -7. So people have started breeding them in gardens all over America. Everything is even more sought after in Europe. It can grow up to 5.5 meters, fruits are about 13 centimeters long and mature quickly.

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