Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums Is The First Sign Of The Lack Of This Vitamin

We are listening very much about that vitamin that we need very much, without whom we are sick and losing not only our teeth but also the ability to protect the body from various troubles and diseases. Why is our organism so hard without that vitamin?

In our body, vitamin C has two tasks: it provides immune protection and stabilizes the psyche. This vitamin is a great enemy of all harmful microbes, parasites, disease triggers, and viruses. The free radicals that are in our organism are afraid of this vitamin. These free radicals are powerless against vitamin C. It is the best means of preserving the life force.

Vitamin C stimulates the hormones, neuropeptides and, above all, neurotransmitters (nervous excitatory substances), by which all our feelings, all our senses, are passed on. If you wake up in the morning unhappy and depressed, then it is a signal that your organism is not right with biochemistry. You probably lack vitamin C. For a better mood, it is extremely useful to wash half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice immediately after awakening or half-breast breakfast. It’s best to prepare your own juice yourself. Place the lemon in a glass, pour it over with boiled water, then leave for about two minutes. Then cut it in half and drain the juice. From the heated lemon, the juice is very easy to drink.

The lack of vitamin C in the body should be compensated immediately. It allows the human organism to be more resilient in terms of causing diseases. Excess vitamin C is ejected from the body. This vitamin is useful in the case of veins and hemorrhoids. He solidifies and “iron” the walls of the blood vessels.

Vitamin C means – healthy and strong teeth.

The increased dose of vitamin C immediately stops the bleeding gums. The eaten lemon with its peel kills the trichomonas lips-triggers of paradentosis.

And one more important detail: with vitamin C, the calcium that is necessary for all bone marrow cells is delivered where it is most needed and does not remain on the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Without vitamin C, calcium would lose half of its useful qualities. Also, Calcium + vitamin C is a duet that can create a fair competition for dentists. If the lemon is eaten with the peel, then the silicon contained therein will allow the calcium to be absorbed. Vitamin C kills bacteria that cause cavities, strengthens the gums, and calcium protects the bones from the jaws and teeth very well.