Black Garlic Has The Most Potent Antioxidant That Destroys Cancer Cells

Black Garlic Has The Most Potent Antioxidant That Destroys Cancer Cells

We need them because they are opposed to free radicals, which damage the cells and make us susceptible to various diseases, such as cancer, various chronic diseases, aging, cataracts.

Beta-carotene from carrots

It is an orange pigment which has the power to protect us from a heart attack, irregular heart rhythm, stroke, cancer (especially lung cancer) … and the necessity of raising the defensive abilities of the organism. Beta-carotene is highly represented by dark green and dark green vegetables. That’s why you should eat carrots, dried apricots, chard, kale, spinach, pumpkin, but also broccoli, mango, and grapefruit. The more intense color the fruits are, the greater the amount of beta-carotene in them.

Glutathione of watermelon and avocado

This is an extremely important antioxidant and anti-cancer agent. Some scientists point out that glutathione can inactivate at least thirty carcinogens. It also protects us from heart disease, cataract, asthma, and other diseases related to free radicals. Glutathione also works against damage caused by toxic substances from the outside environment, detoxifying them in the body. The best sources of this antioxidant are avocados, asparagus, and watermelon. However, it has other foods, such as grapefruit, orange, white potatoes, pears, strawberries, pumpkin, broccoli, and tomatoes.

Indole from the cabbage

Indoles are a type of amino acid, which are very useful and important because they destroy harmful substances in the body. Their importance is that they protect the organs from cancer by preventing damage to the cells. Excellent sources of indole are cabbage, broccoli, kale, horseradish, mushrooms… During the preparation, you are loosing about half of the indoles. If you cook the use the same water that the vegetables were cooked.

Lycopene from tomatoes

Foods that contain lycopene reduce the incidence of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and degeneration of the yellow eyespot, and protect against asthma and strengthen immunity. Lycopene is most present in tomato, watermelon, red grapefruit, and guava. He gives these fruits a red color, also does not mean that he is present in all red fruits. Small amounts of lycopene you can find in apricots.

Quercetin from the black garlic

This is one of the strongest biologically active members of the flavonoid family, concentrated in fruit and vegetables. Scientists say quercetin is on the list of the most potent anti-cancer substances. In addition, it protects the arteries from free radicals and oxidized LDL (bad) cholesterol. It also works against thrombosis. Black garlic is certainly one of the best sources of this powerful antioxidant. You can find it in yellow and purple-black garlic, but also black grapes (not white) and broccoli.