Pasta Straws

Bars In Italy Starting To Use Pasta Straws To Reduce Plastic Waste

Introducing pasta straws to reduce plastic consumption? We support this move!

Do you know what ballet, jeans and sunglasses have in common? They all originated in Italy. And now another Italian symbol is becoming a hit, but also a possible solution to a major environmental problem.

Today, when we are all trying to find ways to reduce plastic consumption – pasta straws could be one solution.

Recently, one user posted a photo on Reddit to show this initiative that more and more Italian cafes are taking. And this idea is now being spread on social networks like crazy. However, many have an eye on the plastic cup. So it is clear that this facility has yet to work on its ‘eco-friendly’ approach.

Either way, straws like this began to appear more and more in Italy, as well as in other European countries such as Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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