Banana Peel Drink

This Banana Peel Drink Can Cure Any Diseases. Make It Now

Thanks to the fact that it contains a number of useful substances, the banana peel undoubtedly possesses healing properties. It allows us to preserve the body during depression, to improve the sleep, to lower the level of bad cholesterol, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, to lose weight and to dispose the waste.

There are many recipes, but I would recommend a helpful and very tasty potion that can cure the entire organism.

The author of the banana peel drink is Academician Bolotov. In his opinion, such a drink is an effective remedy of preventing oncological diseases. I add that this drink gives power and energy to everyone, without exception, personally checked!


Clean the banana. Wash the peel well with a brush, then dry it and finely chop it. Two or three tablespoons of the chopped banana peel put in a three-liter jar, and then put a boiled cooled water to the top. Add a glass of sugar and a tablespoon of sour cream, all mix it well. Cover it with gauze and let it stand for two weeks at room temperature, in a dark place. Stir once or twice a day.

When the drink is ready, drain it in another container. And in the jar you pour the same amount of boiled water. You can drink the draind potion (the liquid from the jar will “come again”). So you can rinse water until the drink loses its taste: sweetness, sharpness … In that case, make a new serving.

Keep the drink in the refrigerator. Drink half a cup three or four times a day. And in the afternoon, hour before meals. Although you can take it whenever you want, I advise you not to overdo it. Drink for a month. Then pause a mounth.

Contraindications: diabetes, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, acute leukemia.