Baking Soda Lowers The Acidity In The Body And Fights Cancer. Use It This Way

When is the body acidic

While standard blood analysis is not determined, but blood and urine pHs are very close to each other. Therefore, you should get a test strip for urine in a pharmacy. If the test strip you obscure with morning urine has a yellow-green or dark-yellow color (i.e., if pH is less than 7) and not green, compared to the color scale, it can be said that the organism is acidic.

In addition, look at the color of your conjunctiva (the mucous membrane on the inside of the lower lid of the eye, which you can see when pulling it). If it is intensely red, the balance of acids and bases is normal, and if it is pale, the body is acidic. In the latter case, the method of treatment with baking soda is appropriate.

What to do if your body is acidic

In the case of oncological diseases of the diet, sweets (candies, cakes, and products with class fermentation that contribute to the fungal growth and tumor growth) should be ejected. It is necessary to strengthen the immunity. To provide the organism with vegetables, fruits, grains fruits because they are rich in vitamins and microelements.

Russian doctors claim that tumors more often occur in people with “acidic” organism. When the phosphorus or hydrogen level of the blood is lower than 7.35 – 7.40 units. This category includes those who eat a very little amount of vegetables, fruits, porridges (except wheat, which makes the body acid) and bran. Because they have a basic effect. By the way, many acidic products, such as apples, lemons, and their natural juices, create a base rather than an acidic environment in the organisms.

Treating with baking soda

On the first day, dissolve one-fifth of a tablespoon of soda in half a cup of boiled water at room temperature. Drink it fast for 30 minutes before eating. On the following day, dissolve a quarter of a tablespoon of soda. And drink it on two occasions – in the morning and 30 minutes before lunch. Increase the amount of soda every day, bringing it to half a spoon. Drink the solution divided into three doses, half an hour before meals.

Treatment lasts for a long time and depends on your subjective feeling. And control measurements of the size of the tumor by an ultrasound method.


The reduced acidity of gastric juice, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease, severe hemorrhage, frequent sneezing, pregnancy, lactation.


Baking soda treatment should not be a substitute for other methods in the fight against oncological diseases. But rather a supplement.