Austrian Doctor Developed A DIET That Kills Cancer Cells And Cured Thousands Of Cancer Patients!

Austrian Doctor Developed A DIET That Kills Cancer Cells And Cured Thousands Of Cancer Patients!

Within 42 hours, cancer cells starve and die, while the health of the whole organism is improving, claimed Rudolph Counts, who healed more than 45,000 people.

Rudolf Countis from Austria devoted his entire life to finding the best natural remedy against cancer. He made a special juice that gave excellent results in treating this disease.

Using his method, he managed to cure more than 45,000 people of cancer and other incurable diseases. According to the number, cancer can survive only with the help of proteins.

Because of this, he developed a special post for 42 days, during which only teas and special juice are served, and the main ingredient is the beetroot.

During these 42 days, cancer cells die, while the health of the whole organism improves.

The number of juice is made only from ecologically grown vegetables. Juice can also be made at home from home-grown vegetables.

DIET That Kills Cancer Cells

Required Ingredients:

  • Beetroot (55%)
  • Carrots (20%)
  • Celery root (20%)
  • Potatoes (3%)
  • Radish (2%)
DIET That Kills Cancer Cells

It is important to note that the beet juice must not be exaggerated, but it needs to be consumed as much as the organism in this therapy needs.

Beetroot is a traditionally known medicine for leukemia. This vegetable contains amino acid betaine, which has anticancer properties.

Beetroot juice

Beet therapy, which implies daily consumption of beetroot juice or raw grated beets, has a proven positive effect on leukemia and other cancers, as witnessed by thousands of people.

But regular consumption of beets also helps against diseases caused by oxidative stress, and the fibers that it contains can lower blood cholesterol levels by up to 40%.

The beetroot is also known for lowering blood pressure and helping to preserve the elasticity of the blood vessels. Beetle prevents and treats varicose veins if consumed daily.

Beetroot iron is a powerful agent for cleaning the body from toxins and improving blood. That is why it is used to treat a number of diseases caused by the accumulation of toxins.

The beetroot should especially consume pregnant women because it is rich in folic acid, which prevents many diseases in infants.

In addition, beet juice stimulates the liver and gallstones, prevents constipation, an excellent remedy for gout, kidney and gallbladder disease.

But her healing is not stopping here. This herb is incredibly healing and helps with headaches, toothache, dysentery, bone pain, skin and menstrual disorders.

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