Improve Your Vision

An Absolutely Mind-Blowing Way To Improve Your Vision and See Without Glasses

Honey and balms based on honey people have long been using them against eye diseases. Honey can help you improve your vision. The medication is used to treat inflammation of the cornea of the eye (keratitis) and corneal ulcer. Sometimes with the honey solution, you can spray the mucous membrane of the eye or you can use the honey balm mixed with sulfonamide and has a strong antibacterial effect.

Honey is also used with any vitamins, according to the scheme:

The first 10 days are used honey, and the other 10 days vitamin drops. Honey inside the eyelid is placed with a glass wand. Others recommend honey as a substitute for vaseline when preparing eye balms. Thus, honey is the basis for the balm, and there is a healing effect. When placing a honey balm in the eyes, at first you will feel tingling, but it passes quickly and the pain subsides. Good effect on the corneal ulcer and other eye diseases produces the preparation of honey from eucalyptus because essential oils of eucalyptus have antibacterial properties.

Here are the recipes for two old natural cures:

Treating an aging cataract

Dissolve fresh honey from honeycomb in a boiling water in the following proportions: one part honey and
1-3 parts water and drip 1-2 drops in both eyes 3-4 times a day.

For a better vision, it helps a mixture of blueberry and honey. Also lemon and carrot, a carrot cocktail, a Chinese lemon, a carrot salad with walnuts and honey.