Amazing Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera. Never Spend Money On Chemicals And Meds Again

Amazing Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera. Never Spend Money On Chemicals And Meds Again

Aloe is a herb, which contains more than 200 certified ingredients useful for human health (bio and immunostimulators, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, coenzyme and many others). The results of the use of aloe products exceed expectations And the greatest optimists. The biggest consumers of these products are the Japanese. The Japanese aloe is called ishiairaivi, which in translation means does not need a doctor.

However, this Japanese message should not be taken literally. Therapy started on the advice of a doctor, should be respected. But when that aloe is added to the therapy, healing will be incomparably faster.

On Earth, there are more than 250 species of aloe, but with more healing properties are only 3-4 species. The most palatable is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, discovered by botanist Miller on the island of Barbados.

Aloe succeeds in the warmest tropical belt. The fully developed plant is on average 75-120 cm high and has 12-15 leaves, wide 10-13 cm. For human purposes, only the leaves, which are quite mature, are harvested after their 4.5-year-old age.

Aloe has a unique negative trait a few hours after harvesting, losing its healing effect. This is the reason that before the landlord did not reach the place of harvest.


The gel is a dense crust juice on the aloe vera plant leaf. It is drunk as a biostimulant.

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

1. It strengthens the resistance of the organism.

2. Preventively and treats diseases of the immune system (tumors, cancer, Aids)

3. Releases the organism from poisons; nicotine, alcohol, narcotics.

4. Protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals that occur during the exchange of matter (metabolism). They bombard the biological structure of the cells and often damage them.

5. Act against inflammation in the body:

-Without all inflammation of the respiratory tract; throat, bronchitis, asthma, lungs, obstruction.

Urinary tract infections: kidney sand and stone, dialysis, urinary tract, babble, prostate. It reduces fluid in the body (diuretic), normalizes pressure.

– Gastrointestinal tract inflammation (problems with digestion, gastritis, ulcers and also gastric polyps, duodenal ulcer, hemorrhoids).

6. It works against colds, flu, and herpes.

7. It destroys the causes of diseases: viruses, bacteria, fungi, and larvae (parasites).

8. Regenerates and strengthens damaged mucous membranes and skin.

9. Reduces pain.

10. Improves the psyche (against insomnia).

11. Regulates constipation and diarrhea.

12. Reduces sugar in people who receive tablets or injections with insulin.

13. Cures arthritis, sciatica, and spondylosis.

14. Cures diseases of the blood and heart together with omega 3 and omega 9 and minerals (blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stenosis, thrombosis, breaks thromboembolism). It reduces fat and triglycerides.

15. Diseases of the eyes: cataract (gray and green) artificial tears and glaucoma. Improves vision. It is recommended in combination with an activator.

16. Diseases of the skin (drying and peeling, burns, fungal and also bacterial diseases, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, allergy and allergic rashes, insect stings, freckles)

17. Inflammation of the ear, nose, throat, loud wounds and sinuses and also polyps in combination with a medicinal cream.

18. Uterine and ovarian tumors, cysts, myomas, polyps and also white stools.

19. Nausea in the climax.

20. Diseases of the oral cavity (aftershocks, bleeding from the gums, caries, tartar, paradentosis).

21. Treating wounds, distinct in diabetics and also after surgery.

22. For better metabolism together with royal jelly or gin-chia.

23. Enables better use of food and pet absorption of drugs.

24. Regulates overweight.

25. Removes pain and damage from drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, cytostatics.

26. Helps with jaundice, inflammation of the bile and also a stone in the gallbladder together with omega 3 and omega 9.

27. Helps in inflammation of the pancreas, colon, also thyroid, prostate, liver cirrhosis, hematomas and more.


Preventive: 1 tablespoon a day half an hour before eating.