Amazing Healing Powers Of Silver Water, And How To Make It

Amazing Healing Powers Of Silver Water, And How To Make It

Enriched with ions, silver water is effective for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases and influenza, stomatitis, gastrointestinal disease, bronchial asthma and arthritis treatment.

For its preparation at home, you can take any silver product (coin, a spoon, a piece of jewelry). Wash it well and place it in a container with cold (or co-filtered) water.

The time of standing in the water depends on the ratio of the amount of silver and water. If you put water in a silver dish, it will be full of silver ions in two hours. If you put a silver spoon in a three-liter jar, the water should stand for 24 hours. The silver coin is sufficient for a liter of water (allow to stand for 24 hours)

The use of silver water

Silver water is drunk at any gastrointestinal tract infections, one-third of a cup half an hour before eating.

In case of an oral cavity and throat disease, it is used for gargle in the morning, before going to bed and after each meal.

Also, in nasal infections, it is applied to rinsing two to three times a day. Initially mildly salty, then pure, or dropping in the nose every four to six hours.

In the case of skin disorders, it is used in the form of compressions twice a day or for washing from three to twelve times a day.

Treatment in all cases lasts until the condition improves.