Detox Rules

9 Important Detox Rules In The Warm Days

During expressed tiredness, chronic illnesses are activated, colds, there is a decrease in immunity, and often occurs excessive tension.

What can we do to alleviate this situation considerably?

We can apply some of these very important detox rules

1. Adjust the amount of food.

With the arrival of the warmer sunny days, the need for food is reduced to the extent that we have taken it during the winter to warm the body.

2. Use healthy fruits and vegetables, undamaged and without the slightest traces of buds.

3. It is very important that we try to enrich our diet with more fresh seasonal vegetables in the spring.

For this we can use freshly harvested cabbage (cabbage, cloves, fruits and cheese leaves, cauliflower, broccoli), as well as food from the previous season, grown in the healthiest way, but also properly stored, or those are just taken out of the garden. beetroot, carrots, parsley and roots, pumpkin, white and black garlic, leek, chickpeas, white and black radish, endive, spinach.

During the winter, you can leave vegetables from the mentioned family in the garden. Because their leaves are not freezing, and as soon as it gets a little warmer, young leaves appear. So we can plant these vegetables in the early spring just before use – if we have our own garden, or we will search for it in the market, where in principle it is not so rare. It would be a good idea to ask the peasants who are buying in the market, whether they have a beetroot with leaves, which is incomparably richer in iron, especially during this period than its root. Also, ask them to bring you not only the root but also the young leaves of the Horseradish, which are excellent for a salad.

4. Take advantage of white and black garlic

In these vegetables, there is a real wealth of minerals, vitamins, enzymes or phytons (a natural antibiotic used to destroy various parasites), mostly over-inflated in our body during that period, as a result of a winter unhealthy lifestyle, the use of drugs, especially antibiotics and feeding poorly beneficial ingredients.

5. If you find the freshly-scrubbed vegetables that you still have in the market at that time, you should definitely include it in your diet.

The advantage of the  Jerusalem artichoke is that it can be left in the garden during the winter and, if necessary, removed from the ground. If it is used in the diet, especially in the raw state, it brings to the body a huge wealth of necessary ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, as well as a large amount of insulin, which strongly works to stabilize the blood sugar level. ·

6. When buying celery and parsley, avoid taking a separate leaf and root

Unless you want to spend the leaves in a very short time, as this will save your quality much longer. Before using, peel off young salad leaves. This will greatly improve the quality of your diet.

7. In the spring it is good to use young chard leaves

Due to the rich vitamin and mineral composition, but also the high oxalic acid content. I would not recommend using it more than twice a week.

8. There are also so-called winter salads, such as the endive.

9. Also, during this period we can include young black and white garlic, choosing smaller, thinner and darker specimens.

To conclude: with the proper selection of foods and the proper way of preparing them. This period of the year can provide a wealth of useful and vitally important ingredients for our body.