8 Golden Rules Of A Siberian Herbalist: Give Oatmeal To Your Child And Do Not Be Afraid Of Diseases

Food should be medicine, and medicine should be food. Lidia Nestorian Surina has been a biologist, phytotherapist, and herbalist for 40 years. She has published several books on the healing properties of local plants, and her tips are popular around the world. Read some of them below.

8 golden rules of a Siberian herbalist:

  1. People are now more likely to get sick because they eat a lot of imported food. It’s okay to eat imported foods, but that can only be 10 percent of the total amount of food you bring into the body. When you eat a lot of food that is not in your area, you will not be able to adapt it to the conditions in which you live. It is the basic law of nature.
  2. Much of the food you eat daily is junk. These include carbonated beverages and chewing gum containing aspartame (sweetener) that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. The more you drink the juice, the more you thirst and the more you drink and buy. In this way, you only enrich the land that produces that garbage. This sweetener has several negative effects: it reduces intelligence and causes headaches, nausea, depression, stomach aches, blurred vision, excitement, unstable walking, joint damage, obesity and more.
  3. White bread is empty bread. When did you eat white bread in the past? For holidays only, the rest of the time was eating whole grain bread.
  4. This herbalist recommends that children in kindergarten be given a month’s oatmeal with homemade milk to help clean their lungs, and a second month with oatmeal soaked in water to cleanse the liver.
  5. Her father gave her a drink in childhood to cure her allergy: for three weeks she drank half a glass of milk containing 3 drops of iodine. Napoleon also gave iodine to his soldiers because he knew that iodine deficiency develops dementia.
  6. Cats and dogs eat weed in spring. Some eat it and then vomit, which means they are free of toxins. This plant contains silicon, and it retains calcium, which means it protects the body from arthritis, gastritis and other diseases. Take a bunch of weed and cook for 10 minutes. Drain the water and cook the mash in the soup. It’s a real cure for older people because calcium in pills can’t help them.
  7. Those who have ulcers must eat one fleawort leaf per day.
  8. Eat hawthorn, marigold, chamomile, and garlic every day. It will help you more than any synthetic vitamin.

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