Nail Fungus

6 Natural Remedies To Banish Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is, unfortunately, one of the unpleasant diseases. The disease does not pass until there is increased sweating on the legs.

To avoid it, you need to use the following juices:

1) It takes 2 tablespoons of juice from wild boxwood, 4 tablespoons pomegranate juice, 3 tablespoons of apple juice. Mix all juices. Use this mixture three times a day after meals.

2) It takes 4 tablespoons of blueberry juice, 3 tablespoons of spicy grape juice, 3 tablespoons juice of rosehip. Mix all juices. Drink the mixture daily before going to bed.

3) It takes 3 tablespoons of blueberry juice, 4 tablespoons of apple juice, 2 tablespoons juice of rosehip. Mix all juices. Drink twice a day in the morning and evening.

4) A mixture of carrot juices and spinach (after two-three tablespoons, twice a day);

5) A mixture of carrot juices, celery, parsley and spinach (2-3 tablespoons, several times a day after meals);

6) A mixture of carrots, cucumbers, and cucumbers (one-quarter cup a day for a week), then take a break of 7 days and repeat the course for treatment.