In the spring, avitaminosis often comes: many feel fatigue, daily drowsiness, and irritability. To keep the body in full force, products with lots of vitamin C will help you. For years, the lemon was considered as champion by ascorbic acid content. But scientists have proved that this fruit does not enter even in the first five.

The blackcurrant is rich in vitamin C content, but it comes after the rose hip, and after them are the mild peppers. Moreover, the crueler the climate in which the current grows, then the fruits contain more vitamin C.

These are the foods that contain more vitamin C than lemons:

FoodVitamin C
(mg in 100 g)
Rules of preparation
Dried fruits rose hip1.000 - 1.100Do not spill them with boiling water. To preserve the vitamins, 80 degrees is the maximum water temperature.
Mild red peppers200 - 250It's better to eat fresh. In heat treatment, up to 70% of the useful substances are destroyed.
Black currant180 - 200Frozen berries are still suitable for spring use, because they can be stored for 10-12 months. Defrost them at room temperature and do not expose them to heat treatment.
Parsley130 - 150Cut it even before disposing of the table, and store it for an hour beforehand. In lettuce add a teaspoon of lemon juice for the neutralization of nitrates.
Brussels sprouts110 - 120Do not store cooked dishes of brussels sprouts very long, vitamin C is quickly destroyed.
Dill100 - 110It is the same as the parsley

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