5 Reasons Why Are Pickles Good For You

5 Reasons Why Are Pickles Good For You

There is almost no household that does not own acid pickles in the kitchen, which you can freely consume as well as fresh. But have you ever wondered why are pickles good for you? Because they are equally healthy.

According to its nutritive value, acid pickles contain a large amount of water, proteins, fibers, and very little fat.

They contain vitamin C, B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine.

Precisely because of their nutritional value, pickles are a great food for maintaining health.

Here are 5 reasons why  are pickles good for you

1. Strong antioxidant

Acidic pickles protect the body from free radicals and unstable substances that damage the health of our body.

2. Good probiotic

Believe it or not, acid pickles balance the intestinal microflora and improve bowel function.

3. Keep the liver

Because they are a good antioxidant, acid pickles are also guardians of the liver as they brush up the toxins of the organism faster.

4. Prevent the occurrence of ulcers in the stomach

Pickles prevent gastric ulcers caused by acids that cook food.

5. Diabetes protection

Studies have shown that acid pickles stabilize levels of hemoglobin, and thus help control diabetes.

Here is an additional tip on why you should use the pickle water

When it comes to healthy foods, surely you do not fall into the sourdough of acid pickles. Surely you do not believe that the juice you normally throw is really good for you!?

“This liquid is mostly a saline solution, but it is a surprisingly excellent source of electrolytes, antioxidants, and nutrients,” said nutritionist Anshul Jaaibarat of Delhi.

Dr. Rupaly Date, a clinical nutritionist, told SmartCooky: “Water from the pickles are basically salt and some minerals and can be used as a rehydration fluid. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients only if it is made from fermented pickles. ”

Here’s how to use it:

The acetic acid pickled liquid is rich in electrolytes so you can drink it without any other add-ons after exercise and thus recover some of the valuable items that you have lost with sweating. It is also a good source of potassium that prevents muscle cramps. Of course, you need to strain it and separate it from garlic, dill, and other spices that are usually placed in it.

This fluid is good for the digestive system.

“It encourages the growth and healthy balance of good bacteria and flora in the stomach,” says Dr. Manoi K. Ahuja, from the Fortis hospital.

The juice from pickles can be used instead of other types of vinegar for certain types of salads, such as lettuce, potato salad, and hard-boiled eggs.

You can add the liquid in yogurt to make salad dressings or use for marinating meat. Put a small amount of this liquid on a slice of onions to reduce their anger and prepare them as an additive for more complex vegetable salads.

The acidic liquid can also serve to prepare unusual cocktails. You can add it to a martini (instead of an olive juice that is usually placed) or with it to “cut” a cup of whiskey, which has become a trend among hipster. In the end, the acidic pickles fluid is also a great drug against hangover.

“This fluid contains antioxidants, electrolytes and a particularly high percentage of vitamin C and calcium,” adds Dr. Ahuja. Antioxidants not only prevent damage from free radicals but also nutrients are much more easily absorbed in the body due to the acidity of the liquid.

The fluid is considered an effective home remedy for PMS because it helps to relieve cramps.

Drinking fluid from the pickles does not have any real side effects, but there are certain pre-existing conditions that can be difficult.

1. Do not use the juice if you are on a diet with a reduced amount of sodium due to a medical condition.

2. If you have gout or any family history of gout, avoid drinking this fluid because it can cause uric acid buildup.

3. Water retention and bloating are the usual side effects of an excessive amount of this fluid, so be careful.

4. Excessive use of pickle juice may also result in hypertension or temporary leakage in blood pressure.

If you do not have such problems, next time you buy a jar with pickles, remember that there are more than just pickles inside.