5 Foods That You Consider Healthy, But They Are Not

5 Foods That You Consider Healthy, But They Are Not

Not all foods, which were once considered as vital necessities, are today recommended in everyday nutrition.


How much yogurt sits in the store or refrigerator, there are less useful bacteria in it, but what remains is harmful: dairy products that are difficult to adopt and provoke allergic reactions: milk sugar – lactose, which causes abdominal pain, milk fat – a source of transmits and free radicals that destroy cells. In addition, all milk products cause increased mucus and constipation. Therefore beneficial bifidobacteria are better obtained from, for example, sauerkraut and flaxseed.


There are too many sugars in muesli. Have you noticed that two or three hours after such breakfast you are again hungry? This is not about calories, but again about the leap of glucose. Namely, the stable level of sugar is the main condition for weight loss and health. Therefore, instead of muesli, eat plain porridge with oil, berries, and seeds.


The breakfast that many have gotten used to – fruit, cheese, and teaspoon honey has many disadvantages: it has little cellulose and no useful fats necessary for the proper operation of cells. But there is a lot of sugar: and hardly acceptable protein. For breakfast, the most useful are eggs with vegetables or crunchy bread with hummus and freshly caught fish.

Products with low-fat content

After the absence of fat in products, manufacturers often improve taste with sugar. Also, fat loss is a long-lasting manipulative production process that does not bring any benefit to such foods. On the contrary, it completely changes removing the beneficial substances from it.

Refined oil

To obtain refined oil, it is long heated to very high temperatures. In doing so, the fat structure is destroyed and they are transformed into transmit. And this is a source of free radicals that lead to disease and premature aging.