4 Plants You Must Have In Your Bedroom, And 2 Plants That You Shouldn’t


Storksbills help with disorders of the nervous system, nervousness of various origins including both climacteric and in insomnia.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide overnight, which is why it belongs to the bedroom.


Camellia gives “psychological” help in sexual problems so that her place is in the bedroom.


Also, in the bedroom, it is useful to put Viola. White violas prevent nervous breakdown and reduce the burden on the nervous system. Thanks to the purple violas between spouses, a warm atmosphere of mutual understanding will prevail. Red and pink violas stimulate the feeling of pleasure.

In the bedroom, undesirable are palm trees, and ficus and other large herbs because they begin to fight with you for the clean air at night. They will absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide.