The 27 Best Alkaline Foods: Reduce the Acidity of Your Body, Keep You Healthy!

The 27 Best Alkaline Foods: Reduce the Acidity of Your Body, Keep You Healthy!

The human body is supposed to be an alkaline organism, and with the ingestion of fast food, it becomes sour as well. It can affect the worsening of the immune system and can lead to various diseases

The fact is that today people eat quite unhealthy foods, consuming processed or genetically modified foods day by day.

Apart from the fact that all sorts of substances are introduced into the body through such foods, these foods greatly affect the pH of our body.

However, there are alkaline foods that help us restore the body’s pH balance.

Introducing the 27 best alkaline foods:

Swiss chard

Chard is an excellent alkaline food that has both antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties.


Melons are great for cleansing the gut and are quite alkaline with a pH of 8.5. Watermelon also belongs to this group and is an excellent food because it contains a large amount of fiber and as much as 92% water.

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Are you looking for a replacement for wheat? Buckwheat is great for being full of energy and preventing cardiovascular disease.

Olive oil

This delicious oil is full of Vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Flax seeds

Not only is it alkaline, but it is also full of fiber and vitamin E. Flax seeds can alleviate inflammation and hot waves in menopausal women.

In addition to these 5 foods, there are many other alkaline foods that you should also include in your diet:

Avocado: It has healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that are important for a healthy heart.

Bananas: Bananas are a great superfood, but only when ripe.

Berries: They are full of antioxidants.

Carrots: Contains beta-carotene and improves vision.

Garlic: Regulates blood pressure.

Broccoli: Lowers cholesterol.


Rich in multivitamins and antioxidants, it lowers blood pressure.
Pineapple: Helps with weight loss.

Alfalfa Germs: They are easy to digest and are rich in enzymes that keep hormones in balance.

Lemon: One of the most alkaline foods that also help with colds, flu, and cough.

Brussels sprout: Can prevent cancer.

Sour Cabbage: Fermented foods that are a great probiotic.

Cauliflower: A healthy substitute for bread.

Grapefruit: A great source of vitamins A and C

Seaweed: Contains iron and significantly increases the pH of the body.

Quinoa: Maintains a healthy amount of blood sugar.

Cucumber: Keeps skin healthy and youthful and contains 90% water.

Parsley: Clean intestines.

Mango: Great for cleaning bowels.

Spinach: Vegetables full of vitamins.

Oranges: Great for treating colds.

Papaya: A natural intestinal laxative.

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