Uses for Coconut Oil

20+ Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used in the diet, in cosmetics, for improving the health condition, as well as in many other everyday applications. Uses for coconut oil were always popular even in ancient times. This oil is can do miracles.

20+ Uses for Coconut Oil and its benefits

Eat one spoon when you need to raise the level of energy.

Used as part of recipes for the preparation of body scrubs.

Clean the chopping board in the kitchen.

Use as a conditioner for hair (apply on dry hair, leave as much as possible and then wash your hair with shampoo).

Use it as a styling preparation for dry hair. Take a little, brush it on your palms and stylish your hair in the desired way.

Use it as a moisturizing lipstick. Put yourself in a small sack of coconut oil and always carry it with you in your purse.

Coconut fat is good for animals. Add one tablespoon to your dog or cat food.

Replace unhealthy oil with coconut oil in cooking and preparing baked goods.

With coconut oil you can make excellent and healthy ice cream.

Place a small amount on your armpits and use it as a natural deodorant.

Use it as a shaving cream replacement.

Place coconut oil in a filled tub and use it as a remedy to maintain moisture on the skin (add a few drops of peppermint oil).

To remove makeup.

For calming chickenpox, herpes or other rashes and irritations of the skin.

For fungal infection on the legs.

Consume one spoon of vitamins for better absorption.

For faster healing of cuts and burns.

Eat 5 tablespoons a day to improve your thyroid function.

As an additive in smoothis for a better taste and greater nutrition (1 tablespoon).

Wipe it around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and also scars.

As a massage oil.

Uses for Coconut Oil

Wipe your baby’s rash from the use of diapers or on its head for treating dundruff.

For the prevention and reduction of the visibility of the stretch marks.

Breastfeeding mothers can apply it to the nipples to prevent skin cracking and irritation.

Likewise, lactating women with consumption of coconut oil can increase milk flow.

In case of bee stings or other insects, for calming and healing the wound.

Also, women can use it to release from fungal infections, dry skin, and an unpleasant feeling.

A spoonfuls supplementing the meals improves digestion.

For treating mucous membranes in the nose of those who often bleeds.

Helps in calming and treating hemorrhoids.

Take coconut oil to reduce or eliminate migraine.

Together with peppermint, lemon balsam, rosemary or tea tree oil is an excellent insect exterminator.

Also, you can mix it with baking soda and use it as a non-toxic detergent for kitchen appliances.

Use it during a fasting to help detoxify your body.

Use it to polish metal surfaces, but always first test a small part.

As a moisturizer and leather garment.

Also to remove tangled hair.

Against corrosion.

Take one spoon when you have acids in the stomach.

As a natural sunscreen (in combination with other ingredients).

Also combined with lemon juice can be used to polish the furniture (always first test on smaller surfaces).

Mix with butter and put the popcorn into the mixture.

For the healing of cracked or harsh toes and also heels.

​​Massage your nails and cuticles to solidify them.

With a few tablespoons a day, every day, you can improve the overall immune system.

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