Overcome Sugar Addiction

10 Steps To Overcome Sugar Addiction Because Is The Same As Drugs Addiction

Sugar┬áreally causes addiction: scientific research unambiguously confirms that it stimulates the center in the brain that releases dopamine, a “hormone of happiness,” which makes us feel “really good” when we eat sweet. By the same principle, nicotine and cocaine are functioning, and the addiction trend is similar with time, more stimulation is needed to sensitize the initial effect, as the receptors in the brain become saturated. And that means more and more sugar. Some people who consume a large number of sweets even have anatomical changes in the brain, caused by an excessive amount of sugar in the diet, which, according to scientists, indicate an even more severe degree of addiction.

How to Overcome Sugar Addiction

The addiction to sugar, which is usually packed with excessive consumption of other harmful carbohydrates, such as white flour products, is very powerful but can be won for the (un) expected short time. Studies have shown that our body and nervous system can overcome sugar addiction within ten days. Based on the results of scientific research, world nutritionists have created a program that consists of 10 steps and which effectively defeats addiction on unhealthy carbohydrates.

Step 1

Remove all refined sugars from the house and menus. The easiest way to do this, without having to waste time reading labels, is to eliminate everything that is packaged, canned, frozen (except for fruits, vegetables, and seafood) or previously cooked in a factory. Eat only fresh food – vegetables and fruit, seeds, meat, eggs, fish …

Step 2

Drink only water, unsweetened drinks and herbal teas, no industrial juices, which, as far as they are advertised as “natural and without additives,” contain a scary amount of sugar or sweeteners, whose harmful effects on the body do not need to be wasted. Fructose (especially in concealed or liquid form) is also a bad news because it is faster metabolized than the body can use it as glucose, and the liver, and it is released into the blood in the form of triglycerides.

Step 3

Make sure your first meal, breakfast is rich in protein. The level of insulin in the morning is the highest, which is why it is often used for sweet foods. The proteins that you consume during the afternoon will provide the body with the necessary energy, which will also help healthy fats, which should also be included in the morning menu.

Step 4

Consume a lot of healthy carbohydrates. These nutrients, which are the main “fuel” of our body, must be an integral part of the menu, but you need to make the right choice. It would be good to avoid foods with high starch content (potato, corn) during detoxification. Which should definitely be included in the diet. When you want to eat something sweet, take an apple, pear, berries or some citrus fruit that you can eat in unlimited quantities.

Step 5

Include enough healthy fats in the diet without fear, you will get fat from it. Consuming high-quality fats stabilizes the blood sugar level, transports vitamins and minerals throughout the body, and gives you a sense of satisfaction. As well as proteins, include them in every meal. Let it be nuts, seeds, butter (except that of peanuts), olive, coconut and palm oil, avocado, fatty fish, and seafood, which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, meat…

Step 6

Always carry healthy snacks with you. According to Murphy’s law, you will get a hunger strike and a sweet craving at the moment when there are no bars or restaurants with healthy food for five kilometers. But you will be surrounded by fast food kiosks and donuts bakers. So be ready. Keep plenty of healthy snacks on your table, in a car or bag, take an apple, chopped celery, berries … Best of all, it’s a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Step 7

Reduce stress. Many people in a stressful situation resort to fast food and sweets. Stress raises the level of cortisol, which causes hunger and at the same time stimulates fat accumulation. Destruction is a process that can relieve your tension for a short time; it is enough to breathe deeply for several minutes, which, as the studies show, stimulate the vagal nerve. And change the focus of metabolism from the storage of fat to their combustion. You can reduce the level of stress by prolonged shower, fitness. Going out with friends, reading, watching a movie, or hanging out with your pets. Separate yourself only for a brief time from everyday concerns relax and focus on what you enjoy.

Step 8

Sleep regularly. The lack of sleep, even sleeping at an inadequate time of day. Also raises the level of cortisol, interfering with the secretion of leptin, a hormone that controls the sense of hunger. Sleep at least seven hours at night and try to go to bed at the same time.

Step 9

Create a physical activity plan that includes strength training.

Power exercises will not only help to detoxicate the sugar but will also maintain a stable blood glucose level. When muscles are strained, they require more glucose. Which automatically means less sugar in the bloodstream and less craving for sweet food after training. Exercise, because you will also release the “hormone of happiness” endorphins, so your mood will not depend on consuming sweets.