10 Day Sugar Detox (To Reset Your Mind And Body)

10 Day Sugar Detox (To Reset Your Mind And Body)

I wonder where is that hidden sugar in the foods that we all think are “healthy”? Fruit yogurts, dried fruit, muesli, various energy bars, tomato sauce or ketchup?

Our delicious buds are “sweet” on sweet, so often we eat for sugar-containing foods, but are you aware that sugar is the main culprit for many health disorders and diseases?

Sugar is a cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and infertility. Numerous experts and nutritionists consider the increased consumption of sugar as equally dangerous as smoking!

How to win the addiction to sugar?

Yesterday I waved a hand when they asked about the possible addiction to sugar. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult for you to give up sugar? Research shows that the brain reacts to sugar similar to drugs and alcohol, causing addiction, just like cocaine. That’s why many manufacturers add it to their products! He screams “Buy me, buy me” from the shelf! Do you look at the way of the label and do you really read the composition of the products you buy? I admit, rarely when I read what it says.

In order to get rid of the addiction, change your habits and get rid of the sugar. It’s not easy, but it’s possible to understand, at least she claims it.

You may at first be a little depressed, but you will soon notice that you have more and more energy and that you are getting better. We will try to spend (hopefully expensive) 10-day detox and avoid all food coming in boxes, packs, cans and cans.

Eat only fresh, organic and raw foods. Let’s go!

From the first day of Detox, ask yourself questions:

  • Why do I crave sugar?
  • Am I addicted to sugar? (Good. I am!)
  • In which situations do I eat the most sugar? (Hm … When am I nervous or stressed ?!)

This will help you to become aware of your addiction and the situations in which you eat more sugar, so you will easily recognize the triggers of cravings.

Eject sweetened aerated drinks from your diet

It is well known that sparkly beverages are full of sugar and that higher consumption of such drinks leads to obesity, and finally to type 2 diabetes. Calories from such drinks are absorbed faster in your body and cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

Tell NO to carbonated juices. I did it a long time ago!

Quit the sugar of these 10 days!

If you occasionally afford sugar sweets, you will not achieve a detox effect. As with the drug addicts who are not allowed to consume any narcotics or a cup of alcohol (because they return to the vicious circle again), you should also completely remove the sugar from the menu.

If you are buying food products, read the declarations well so that you know which of them is added to the added sugar. This will be difficult ….

Enrich the menu with several plant proteins

Eat nuts that contain proteins, such as hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, and Indian nuts.

In case you get hungry, always have a small, healthy snack made of nuts, which will keep your blood sugar level under control.

Consume healthy fats

Studies have shown that with the intake of healthy fats (such as coconut, olive or linseed oil) you will not get fat, and you will also improve overall health. Choose healthy nuts, seeds and avocados, which abound with omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat as much vegetables as possible without starch

You can consume large quantities of vegetables such as mushrooms, fennel and broccoli, asparagus, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, artichokes, green pods and eggplant.

But during the 10 days of detox, avoid foods containing starch carbohydrates, such as potatoes, pistachios, pumpkins and cycles, as well as cereals and beans, as these foods will slow down the powerful effect of the detox. So, none of my morning rituals and oatmeal!

Avoid dairy products and gluten

We often crave for foods that cause allergies, such as gluten and dairy products. In addition to stimulating inflammatory conditions in the organism, they additionally cause craving for the sweet.

Therefore, you should give up, at least during the 10 days of detoxification. After a few days without gluten and dairy products, you will notice that you have more energy. I do not know how to survive without yogurt and cheese, but …

Enjoy a quality sleep

Secure yourself for at least 7 hours of quality sleep. This will strengthen the strength of your will during the 10 days of detox.

It is known that lack of sleep leads to irritability and hormone imbalance, which additionally causes a strong desire for sweets and carbohydrates. I’ll have to throw my cell phone as far away as possible!

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