Stop Suffering From Constipation and Hemorrhoids. These 4 Ingredients Are The Best Cure

Stop Suffering From Constipation and Hemorrhoids. These 4 Ingredients Are The Best Cure

Constipation and hemorrhoids are very common occurrences in people. Today’s fast living, stress, and other problems contribute to this diseases, that many people are ashamed of. There is nothing to be ashamed of. These diseases need to be treated on time. We give you two natural ingredients that you should include on your daily menu and stop constipation, and cure hemorrhoids.

Figs and blueberries – the best medicines

Figs, in addition to plums, are the best medicine for constipation, which usually follows hemorrhoids. Just make sure they do not stand long before eating them. On the other hand, blueberries can also be used as effective allies in the fight against hemorrhoids. Apart from being a valuable source of fibers, which stand on the path of constipation, thanks to anthocyanins, they help the recovery of damaged blood vessels and keep them from new damage.

Since the shafts are actually varicose veins, it is clear why the berries must be an indispensable ingredient in your daily menu, and it is best to combine them with grains of integral grains. Of course, other fruits are also recommended, the finest fresh and necessarily mature, since the ingredients from a large part of the fruit strengthen the walls of the blood vessels. Only be careful when it comes to citrus, whose acids, some experts suggest, can irritate both the intestines and the swellings themselves.

Eat beetroot and spinach

Many people do not like beetles, but it is a perfect ally to all who are fighting with hemorrhoids and constipation since it makes it easier for the poo to pass through. Keep in mind that besides the roots that are most commonly used. The overhead part of the beet can also be eaten: you can prepare the leaves as spinach. And this greenery should be found on your table.

Because of it thanks to bioflavonoids, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels. If you are wondering where these valuable antioxidants are found, then know that they are hiding in most foods containing vitamin C. Paprika, cauliflower, broccoli and other vegetables must be part of your daily menu if you want to prevent hemorrhoids bleeding. And itching in the problematic region. Prepare meals on olive oil. Since unsaturated fatty acids, which are one of its ingredients. Make the stool easier to pass through the intestines, so the tension in their discharge is reduced to a minimum.