Stomach Ulcer Medication

You Don’t Need Stomach Ulcer Medication. You Need Honey

Best stomach ulcer medication that you can get, but it’s not chemical is the natural honey. That honey is an effective agent for the treatment of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum intestine many authors confirmed. Rendgenic studies have shown that under the usual treatments of an ulcer of the stomach and the duodenum, the ulcer is healed in every third, and with the use of honey in every second patient.

This is because of the large percentage of sugar and organic acids, honey irritates the mucous membrane of the
digestive tract and therefore accelerates and facilitates emptying. Daily moderate use of honey regulates the work of the intestines. There is no doubt that honey reduces the increased acidity of gastric juice (due to the presence of alkaline elements). That’s why honey can be used as medicinal for gastritis and stomach ulcer, which is accompanied by increased acid.

You just need honey-based recipes for your duodenum ulcer and also stomach ulcer. We are not going to hide them from you.

Read these recipes and throw away your stomach ulcer medication:

1. Honey and aloe vera


-100 grams of honey,
-100 grams butter,
-11 grams of aloe leaves,
-100 grams of cocoa powder.


Mix ingredients and heat them on steam. Take one tablespoon with a glass of warm milk, twice a day, for a month.

2. Honey and red wine


-250 grams of honey,
-350 grams of red dry wine,
-150 grams of aloe juice.


Leave the mixture to stand for seven days in a sealed and dark container. Take three times a day, two hours before eating: take the first seven days one tablespoon, and the other days one teaspoon.

3. Honey and walnuts


-100 grams of aloe juice
-500 grams of crushed walnuts
-300 grams of honey


Take aloe leaves, from three or five years old herb, store them for 12-15 days in a dark place at a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. Then wash the leaves and cut them. Sprinkle them soaked with boiled cold water in ratio 1:3. Let the mixture stand for 1-1.5 hours. Drain the juice, and 100 grams of aloe juice mix with 500 grams of crushed walnuts, then add 300 grams of honey. Take three times a day for one spoon, half an hour before meals.

How the honey works?

It allows dilution of mucus in the stomach, relieves pain and removes swallowing and sore throat. Also, honey strengthens the body during the disease. Using honey, the patient body weight balances and increases the amount of hemoglobin, reduces irritability to the nervous system, and also improves mood and sleep.