Feel Bloated

Remove This And You Will Never Feel Bloated Again

Meteorism is bloating in the stomach due to excess gases in the intestine. It is normal in the intestines during the day to create about one liter of gases (depending on the complexity and length of the patient’s digestive tract).

Most are absorbed in the blood and neutralized in the liver. What some people (such as their individual physiology), gases are generally in small quantities every hour (or less frequently) are ejected from the organism through the rectum. This is most common in people older than 50 years old but also occurs in young people. As a rule, in young people, it is related to the functional condition: damaged nervous system, constant exposure to stress. Above all, serious illnesses should be excluded (although they rarely meet)

What causes bloating

The simplest short-term cause of bloating is the use of products that alone cause excess gases in the intestines. These are black bread, grapes, apples, mushrooms, milk, soft drinks, beer. Excess gases always cause legumes (beans, peas, soybeans), and they are most often placed in meat and dairy products to be cheaper. The labels often contain “herbal protein”, and that is, practically always soy, which potentially causes boating. But for each person (due to the specificity of the cholera of the digestive tract), bloating can be caused by a variety of products or combinations. In any case, the man, by rule, knows which products causing him bloating and trying to avoid them. Often gases provoke freshly baked bread and baked goods, which are hot. Two liters of non-carbonated water daily will help dilute the gases in the intestines.