Relieve Acid Reflux With These 4 Ingredients

We will share advice for you with Russian folk medicine that can relieve heartburn and acid reflux disease.

Special emphasis on diet

First of all, the most important thing is to make corrections in the diet. It is the first step. Do not rush during eating, slowly chew food (the meal must last at least 15 minutes and chew each bite twenty times). Portions should be small.

Eject many acidic products from the menu: citrus, chocolate, coffee, onion, mint, tomato. Also, avoid products that cause acid – for example, someone reacts to honey, there are those that are affected by artificial juices … You know your organism so you can eliminate the products that are bothering you.

When you lie in bed, make sure your head is raised at least 10-15 centimeters. Acid reflux can increase in gravity, especially if you have excess pounds. When the head is slightly raised, the return of the acid in the esophagus does not allow the laws of physics.

Eat almonds and drink chamomile tea helps to normalize the acids and reduces the occurrence of reflux.
Help from phytotherapy

Heartburn is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of acid reflux and oesophagitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus).

The following preparations (optional) will help you relieve acid reflux


This drink binds the mucous membrane and confidently protects the esophagus from the irritant effect of gastric juices. Sprinkle two or three tablespoons of seeds with a cup of boiling water. Let stand for three hours, then drain. Take two tablespoons of the drink twenty minutes before each meal. Treatment lasts for one month.


Grate one potato and drain the juice. Drink half a cup of juice once a day on an empty stomach, then eat some sugar. Treatment lasts until the situation is relieved.


Sprinkle two teaspoons of ground dill with a spoon of boiled water. Let stand for three hours, then drain. Take one tablespoon four times a day. Therapy lasts until the condition is normalized. Contraindications: hypertension.

Apple plus Jerusalem artichoke

Grate one green apple with the peel and also grate three fresh Jerusalem artichokes. This salad should be eaten twice a day until the condition improves.