Morning Diet From Japan

Morning Diet From Japan That Will Help You Lose Weight In A Fast And Easy Manner

Bananas are a fantastic super-fruit that ensures the feeling of satiety lasts for a long time.

Bananas contain three types of sugars: fructose, sucrose and glucose, but also fiber, and this combination seems to last for a long time.

Numerous studies have shown that only two bananas per day are sufficient for 90 minutes of training. If you are a fan of bananas, this diet will probably be worth it, and best of all, you will not feel hungry at all.

Within a week, you can lose up to five pounds, but before you start to work, consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Morning diet from Japan


Eat only one banana. If you are hungry and after 15 minutes, eat another one. You should not eat anything for breakfast, but if you think the banana will not be enough, you can eat two to three tablespoons cooked rice.

Eat only ripe bananas.

Morning Diet From Japan

Lunch and dinner

Eat at least eight o’clock in the evening, although it would be perfect at six o’clock. As for food for lunch and dinner, you are not limited by the choice and you can eat what you would like to eat. However, make sure that the portions are smaller, and avoid desserts.

The Japanese are known for the slimline, but they are trying after lunch never to be completely full. It would also not be bad to avoid carbohydrates, white bread, white rice, sugar and white flour.

Only water

During the diet, a single fluid that is allowed is exclusively water, mineral or plain. Make sure the water you consume is at room temperature.

When you drink it, drink it in small sips, not at once. During the day, you can drink a cup of coffee, tea or freshly squeezed juice.

On special occasions a glass of beer or wine is allowed.


About three o’clock in the afternoon you can eat two cubes of black chocolate or a low-calorie cake. Donuts, ice cream, chips and similar snacks are not allowed.

Of course, it would be better for a snack to eat one fruit, but if you have a great desire for sweets, do not frustrate.

Early in bed

Make sure you go to sleep no later than midnight!

Practice if you want

During this diet, it is not necessary to exercise, but if you want, just ahead. However, try as much as possible to walk.

Keep a diary

Keep a diary about how you feel and what you ate during the day. Also, on the internet network you can find many forums and exchange experiences with others who are on this diet.

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