This Liver Detox Procedure Only Needs One Ingredient

At night before bed, about 10 o’clock, eat a buckwheat porridge from which no membrane is removed. Buckwheat stimulates liver secretion, and therefore cleanse the liver of toxins. We are going to give you the simple recipe for this liver detox procedure.

The liver detox procedure

You should take 50 grams of buckwheat on 200 ml of water and cook for 20 minutes without salt, sugar and butter. Serve the buckwheat meal warm and eat it, after eating you should lie on your right hip and place a warm thermophor under the liver and wrap a cloth under the thermophor. It’s better to lie without a pillow, and you can fall asleep too. The next day, the stool should be slim and dark in color. Which testifies that the procedure performed had an effect. Such home cleaning is done only once a month