Use Of Fish Oil

Japanese Scientists Discovered A New, Incredible Use Of Fish Oil

Kyoto University scientists argue that fish oil burns belly fat much more effectively than currently available pills in people in their thirties and forties. Fish oil activates the receptors in the digestive tract and stimulates the nervous system, whereby the cells more easily burn fat.

Fatty tissue does not retain all the fat. The so-called white cells retain fat in order to make energy, while brown cells consume fat and maintain body temperature stable.

Babies have more brown cells, but that number decreases over time.

The third type – beige cells, which are very similar to brown cells, have been recently discovered in humans and mice. Their numbers decrease in middle age, and without them, fat accumulates more easily and remains unused.

“From previous research, we learned that fish oil has tremendous health benefits including preventing fat accumulation. We did tests to determine if there was a link between fish oil and the increased number of beige cells, “explains lead scientist Teruo Cavada.

The study was carried out on a group of mice fed oatmeal, and a group of mice eating the same food but with fish oil. Mice who ate this oil had 10% less fat and 15-25% less fat compared to those who did not consume this oil.

Scientists have also found that white cells turn into beige cells when the nervous system is activated, meaning that fat-collecting cells are also able to burn it.

“People have always argued that Japanese and Mediterranean food leads to longevity. Now we know why this is so, “concludes Cavada.

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