Heal Gastritis, Lower Hypertension, Remove Hard Stool, Heartburn And Ulcer With This Juice

In the natural form, the potato has a healing effect on all digestive organs. Above all, potato products are recommended to those suffering from increased acidity of the gastric juice. It is caused by large amounts of natural compounds in the potato that have an alkaline reaction. When they come to the stomach, there is a neutralization of the increased acidity of the gastric juice, which reduces the inflammation.

Traditional use of fresh potato juice.

The therapeutic effect is achieved after you drink twice or thrice a quarter or half a cup of juice. The quantity of juice is determined individually, in terms of weight and depending on the symptoms of the disease. Juice should be taken 30-40 minutes before eating. Treatment is practiced daily for two to three weeks. After the therapy, a pause of seven to ten days should be made. After several therapies from juice therapy, the process of processing and absorption of nutrients, as well as the reduction of arterial pressure in patients with hypertension, i.e high blood pressure, is improved.


For the preparation of juice, hard potatoes should be used in which the rotting process has not begun. The fruits must not have scattered parts nor use potatoes with a green color. As already mentioned, in those places the toxic alkaloid solanine is collected which can cause poisoning in the body. The potato should be selected and washed, then naturally dried and finely pruned or prepared as a pulp using a meat grinder. The prepared mass is drained with a strainer in a glass bowl or directly in a bowl. In this way, the juice is ready for use in accordance with the defined dose.

Many patients who tried to drink this juice gave up because of its unpleasant taste. To improve the taste of potato juice, but also to improve its medicinal properties, it is necessary to add honey to the juice. The amount of honey should not be greater than one tablespoon per serving of juice. Also, the amount of juice at the beginning should be minimal: the body should get used to the medicinal product. Therefore, the dose of 50 ml will be appropriate for those who have difficulty drinking the juice. The gradual increase in the amount of juice consumed with honey should reach 150 to 170 ml. At 24 hours, two such portions should be taken: morning and evening before meals.