Stomach Ache Remedy

This Is Why This Fruit Is Best Stomach Ache Remedy

In gastric diseases, the function of fermentation in the stomach is significantly reduced, which means that the diet is not good. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the patient adheres to the diet without heavy products, but is based on a mixed diet, consuming large amounts of dairy products and buoys. Such a person is often disturbed by the upper part of the digestive tract. He does not think at all what will happen in the end.

The use of painkillers and dairy substances cannot help here. It should be understood that salvation from gastritis or other intestinal diseases is not possible without the establishment of an order in the digestive system. You can establish the order whit just using lemon because the lemons are best stomach ache remedy.

Stomach ache remedy

Against atony of the stomach, spasms, absence of appetite, pain in the stomach, nausea and sore throat:

1) It is useful to consume 6 – 7 times a day for half a spoonful of porridge made from a lemon peel with honey.

2) It also helps with the following: Mix 2-3 lemons, sprinkle with one liter of white or red wine. Let it be in a dark place for a week. Occasionally stir the mixture and then drain. To be consumed two times a tablespoon after eating. This potion is delicious and very helpful.

To improve digestion: Use a lemon peel cooked in sugar.

Colitis (inflammation of the colon)

Mix juice from half-drained lemon in a glass of water. This is a mixture for therapeutic clustering. It helps a lot, especially in cases where the muscles of the digestive tract have lost the tone or when they partially atrophied.

Means of relief: Juice of one lemon, one egg yolk, one cup of orange juice. All this should be mixed and drank on an empty stomach.