Detox Your Liver

This Is How To Detox Your Liver

Lemon is an ideal means of releasing toxins. An active approach to the ejection of toxins from the body using lemon is only possible if you are confident in the normal operation of your filtering organs – the liver and the kidneys. If they are contaminated, the application of a lemon cleansing method can lead to adverse effects. The citric acid contained in the lemon fruit activates the toxins that have been collected in the body for many years. Reduce the number of toxins by increasing the amount of cereal and fruits in the diet, but also by the so-called separate diet, and then there will be more benefits from the King of the Southern Fruit Lemon.

Lemon juice and shells are beautifully struggling with the processes of clogging in the body. In most cases, the lemon activates all passive sludges from toxic substances that cannot be ejected in any other way. Lemon tips will help you get rid of pollution, scalds and liver congestion. Cleansing the gallbladder and the parenchymatous liver tissue from the stones is the most difficult and most responsible stage. Everyone knows how painful are the stone attacks in the gallbladder. People are forced to undergo a severe surgery, often deleting a part of the gallbladder, and sometimes the entire organ. The filter for unclean blood – the liver – remains in the original state. However, the naturopaths and doctors have long been known for the tried-and-tested method of natural stone removal by the American professor N. V. Walker.

How to do it

One week before you clean your liver, you should stick to a vegetarian diet, and then three days to drink a lively apple juice that very well neutralizes and cleanses the body. “Live Juice” means unconnected juice, squeezed shortly before the use of fresh apples. In doing so, the use of electric juicers is not desirable because the electric fields destroy the living structure of the cells and thus reduce the usefulness of the product obtained. Juice should be drunk 3-6 times a day for two cups at once.

Those who think they will not withstand a three-day diet can freely be calm; the prepared fresh apple juice is a food that is energy-fermenting is very rich, and it greatly saturates the body and gives it a reserve force for life. On the third day, drink juice only until 7 pm in the evening, when according to the 24-hour barium, the liver begins to relax and all energy supplies can be directed to recovery.

Before the liver is cleaned, it is necessary to bring the function of the intestine to normal so that liver toxins can be released freely, so as not to cause secondary intensification of the gut. For this procedure prepare 200 grams of olive or sunflower oil and 200 milligrams freshly squeezed lemon juice (you will need three lemons of medium size). Lie in bed on the back, and place the warm coating at the place where the liver is located. It is not recommended to get up during the procedure. Starting at 7 pm, drink 3 tablespoons of oil and as much lemon juice every 15 minutes.

How it works

The oil facilitates the exit of the stone, and the lemon juice prevents the feeling of burdensome and mobilizes the energy to clean the liver. Therefore, replacing these components with something else is not allowed. Also, the drinking intervals and the amount of oil and juice should not be broken because a stone can remain in the gallbladder and cause pain for several days. The ejection of the stone usually starts in the morning and takes place all day long, and it can last longer. In order to fully evaluate the described procedure, it is best to be empty in plastic or in a sieve, after which the effluent mass should be washed under a strong jet of water, to remove the stones, place them on paper and dry. A headache, vomiting, eye pain – all these are symptoms of poisoning because of the ejaculation of the liver.

Already at 23 or at 23.30 pm, it is necessary to start putting enamels that will ease the ejection of the stone. The number of enureses is 8 to 10 times a day. Anyone who decides to carry out a liver cleansing procedure, even if it does not feel any irritation to the gallbladder and the liver, will simply be surprised by the quantity and variety of waste that has been collected for years. It is a substance that resembles a solid rubber, of imamine, a mass of a white-yellowish “ribbon” in shades of green-red to ruby color and cholesterol stones. All this shows the violence that we have committed against our own organism as a result of improper diet, poisoning of the liver with alcohol, smoked and fried food, with cakes!

Important tip

It is very important to maintain the sleep mode since this procedure is a great effort for the body. During the week you need to clean your enemas and stick to the light vegetarian diet (porridge, fruit, vegetables, juices). This is because the intestines will throw out garbage for 5 – 8 days. During the first year, this procedure, as well as the other stages of purification of the organism, should be carried out once in three months, and then once a year. In its utility, you can quickly be convinced by the pleasant feeling in the area of the rib on the right side. And also by the color of the face and neck that have become oily, freeing from pigment stains. Carry out the proposed cleaning in the days of the Christian fasting. The results will be great.