Cleansing Of The Colon

Cleansing Of The Colon Only Drinking This Mixture Is Very Easy

Powerful health benefits of flax seed

Flaxseed is a remarkable dietary product, rich in cellulose, mucus, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in optimal ratio, vitamins, polysaccharides, phytoestrogens, proteins, lemararins and more. This seed has a beneficial effect, above all, on the colon, triggering his work. It also has the property of absorbing fluid from the intestines as well as swallowing, strengthening of peristalsis. Limarin improves the quality of gastric and also intestinal work, their secretory and motor function, and cellulose absorbs toxins and harmful substances and releases them from the body. Flaxseed helps to cope with serious health problems, such as hypertension, kidney disorders, diabetes of both types, thrombosis, bronchial asthma attacks, liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular system disorders, constipation, colitis ( inflammation of the colon).

Active couple

The most healing effects give the use of flaxseed with kefir for a minimum of three weeks. The single use of this agent will not give rise to an appropriate effect or it will be short-term. Flax seeds must be clean. It is recommended to put it twice in a coffee grinder and use it in a flaked form (mix it before use).

First week: a teaspoon of flaxseed flour mixed with half a cup of fresh kefir. Drink it instead of breakfast. It is recommended to use kefir with medium fat.

The second week: put two teaspoons of flaxseed in half a cup of kefir. Eat it instead of breakfast.

The third week: in the final stage, increase the amount of flour to three teaspoons of the same amount of kefir.

The mixture is very nutritious and can be a complete substitute for breakfast. Kefir and the flaxseed harmoniously combine and mutually enhance the beneficial properties.

It is recommended during the treatment of cleansing of the colon in this way to avoid sweets and sugar. And to minimize the products of flour.

If there are no contraindications. Be sure to try this intestinal cleansing method you will not have to wait long for the result! You will be grateful for the glittering skin, feeling easy and in a great mood.