Here Is How To Cleanse The Liver And Regenerate The Cells

In the case of an inflamed liver, it is first necessary to call a doctor, but here is this medicine and here is how it can help you cure and cleanse the liver.

Clean 300 g of red onions and cut them on small pieces. Add 40 g of dry wormwood and 100 g of honey, then mix well. Pour this mixture into 700 ml of dry white wine. Leave it in a cool place for 20 days, then drain this. To regenerate the cells of the liver after chronic hepatitis 3 times a day, take a 50 ml of this mixture on an empty stomach.

This home remedy is rich in phytoconds (herbal substances that inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi), and chromium. It helps to establish gallstones and reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.