Best 5 Breakfast For Weight Loss That Every Woman Needs To Know

Omelet and scrambled eggs

A great plus for the scrambled eggs is that they can be combined with many different products. Put a chopped tomato and pepper in a pan, cut cheese and sprinkle with parsley. This breakfast is very delicious, and it looks nice aesthetically.

Omelette takes two to three eggs, tomatoes, spices and hard cheese. Add tomato sauce to the scraped roe, sprinkle with cheese and spices, and bake in five minutes. The healthy breakfast is ready!


Fruit salad is a wonderful breakfast! Cut banana, orange, kiwi, and grapefruit and stir. This combination of fruit will fill you with energy and give you vitality. In the morning you can start with a vegetable salad. Cut cabbage and carrots in the evening and simmer, mix them a little and leave them in the fridge. Add tomatoes or cucumbers in the morning and sprinkle with essential oil. Many in this salad add apples and experiment! Nutritionists argue that women in the long retention of youth and beauty help consume avocado, kiwi, and cheese. From these products, you can prepare a very healthy breakfast. Make an avocado salad, add a piece of cheese and a slice of black bread and drink green tea. Healthy and nutritious salad for the beginning of the day!

Dairy products

Sour-milk products have a healing effect on the female organism. A very simple breakfast is a young cow cheese. Pour yogurt over 100 g of young cow cheese, add honey and fruits.

Green tea and smoothie

It is useful for women to bring in juices in the morning menu. Also, instead of coffee or black tea, you should drink green tea. It positively affects the skin, digestion and proper weight loss.

Great breakfast. You can use grains or pasta with milk or yogurt. For the preparation of a smoothie: banana, kiwi, apple or any seasonal fruit, milk or yogurt and spices at will. Sweep the fruit and add milk or yogurt, sprinkle with cinnamon or vanilla and the delicious potion is ready!


The leader among the morning meals is certainly oatmeal. It contains everything necessary to maintain female beauty. You can add a little milk, butter, sugar or honey, depends on the taste. You will get the longest feeling of satiety if you put nuts, fresh or dried fruit in it. In the second place, after the oatmeal, there is buckwheat porridge. It can be prepared with milk, a little sweetened with honey, then as a supplement with baked eggs or try to make burgers! Add a little potato-puree, eggs and salt in a boiled potato and mix and stir. Make small burgers, roll them in flour and bake in a hot pan. Buckwheat porridge is a great option for those who want to lose weight. It contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals.

Energy for all day

In the first place for breakfast, complex carbohydrates are recommended and integral bread, cereals, and flakes of whole grain. They are long cooked and therefore provide longer energy. In second place are dairy products with a lower percentage of milk fat, fish, meat, eggs, and in the third place are fruits and vegetables. The best morning drink is juice or tea. Coffee is better to drink in the afternoon and leave yogurt for dinner.