The Ancient Japanese Natural Drink For Liver Cleanse

The Ancient Japanese Natural Drink For Liver Cleanse

This organ is extremely important for health, so it deserves special care. The question arises as to how to purify the liver? Nowadays, doctors do not prescribe strong drugs until they find out what condition the drug is. One organ can be cured, but if it is harmed to the liver, then everything is in value. The treatment should be renewed or continued. The liver is the key to our health because it balances the collection and rejection of harmful substances and the elements of the organism. Also the liver is the one that first gives a signal that your body is trying and that it stops taking fatty, acidic and angry products.

The liver in the course of time needs moderate diets. And at the same time will create a lot of inconvenience to those who do not pay attention to proper diet.

And here garlic is of great help. In 1985, The Japanese medical journal published the data obtained from numerous experiments: the vegetable containing sulfur, sulfur compounds, positively affects the liver. Keeping it from the influence of chemical poisonous substances and painful bacteria. Plants containing sulfur are garlic, horseradish, onion, cauliflower (to eat fresh). It is in the fresh cauliflower that these substances are needed for the cleaning of the liver and for its impeccable functioning. Cooked cauliflower loses its useful substances and has almost no benefit to the body.

The Japanese distinguish the garlic and compare it with the ginseng. The ginseng heals from sadness, and it is said that he brings back his youth. The ginseng treats the man of many diseases. And garlic because it contains more sulfide, has more power for purification and liver cleanse.

Tea recipeĀ for liver cleanse

In a jar of half a liter or in a thermos, dip two tablespoons of butter. Then a tablespoon of lemon juice from a green lemon, add 1 clove of chopped garlic and 250 ml of boiling water. Mix the mixture well and drink it at once.
It is good to use an extract of garlic, capsules, oil, syrups, tablets, as well as vinegar from garlic and liqueur against liver pain.

In this chapter on the liver, we will mention poisoning. It is the liver that takes on the basic role in similar situations. He suffers more than other organs. Only one clove of garlic extracts from the body lead, mercury, cadmium, and other toxic substances.