6 Warning Signs That Show Your Liver Is Full of Toxins

Your liver is one of your true friends. Think of it as an embedded, ultra-efficient toxin remover and master of the 500 more features listed in the medical books. Now that you know how much your liver does for you, you do not want to be a thankless friend, right?

We have prepared a list of tips to help you see when your liver is calling “help” !!

6. Pain in the liver

The feeling of nervousness in the upper right part of the abdomen is a sign that your liver may be in trouble. Usually, it’s a dull pain. However, it sometimes becomes quite intense. Remember that the work of the liver is to detoxify and help the body filter the waste as well as help the body to digest food in the diet. When your liver is sick, it can not function effectively, it swells painfully, and the body sends signs of toxicity.

5. Swelling of the legs and ankles

When you ignore the problem your liver is trying to fix the cost of forming hard tissue. The more difficult the tissue is, the harder it is for the liver to function, which ultimately leads to portal hypertension. The second case causes the fluid to accumulate in the legs (edema). The good news is that swelling is painless. It can affect both legs or thighs. However, the effect of gravity makes the swelling most visible in the lower part of the body.

4. Weight gain

Every year, more and more people start a healthy diet but are still struggling with weight problems. If you experience an increase in body weight that does not appear as a result of overeating or a hormone defect, you may want to talk about an inappropriate liver function with your doctor.

What happens is that the liver can not cope with all the toxins that come into it (alcohol, artificial sweeteners, high-fat diet, certain drugs, etc.). The only thing that the liver can do is to keep unfiltered toxins in the fat cells. This chaos will not allow you to lose weight unless you help your body clean the processed liver.

3. Allergies

Very often, allergies are the result of an overloaded and weak liver. When there are too many substances entering the bloodstream, the brain recognizes them as allergens and releases antibodies and chemicals (histamines, etc.) that cause itching of the rash. The healthy liver, in turn, perfectly cleanses the blood from all harmful molecules and eliminates the effect that the potential allergen has on the body.

2. Yellow skin and yellow eyes

When the eyes or skin of the face is turned into yellowish, science calls it jaundice. Jaundice itself is not a disease, but a symptom of possible defects. Normally, jaundice occurs when the diseased liver makes the system accumulate too much bilirubin-yellow pigment formed from the breakdown of dead red blood cells in the liver. Guess what happens when the liver fails to get rid of bilirubin along with the old red cells? Exactly. It turns yellow.

1. Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome resembles prolonged flu-like illness. By definition, you should experience the symptoms for at least 6 months before you can diagnose chronic fatigue. The reason behind this is liver intoxication. The liver, to a large extent, contributes to the supply of energy to the body. Glucose converts into glycogen and stores it for later use. The healthy liver releases glucose between meals or whenever there is a need for food and energy. The non-functional liver, however, can hardly produce glucose and has very little storage space.

But do not despair if you have noticed any of the symptoms. First, the liver can be cured. Just relax from a destructive way of life. Yes, it’s so easy. Scientists also say that there are a number of natural products to increase liver functionality. So, from now on, you should try to become friends with green tea, turmeric or lemonade and organic fruits and vegetables.