Things To Eat To Lose Weight

6 Things To Eat To Lose Weight According To Nutritionists

Weight loss is really difficult, but it’s even harder to maintain weight after you lose weight. In addition to easily accessible but caloric foods that surround you, you can easily restore the old weight and destroy everything you have worked hard on. There are 6 things to eat to lose weight and also to gain the lost weight after that.

The good news for all those who try to lose weight is that nutritionists have discovered groceries that you can eat in large quantities without causing a return to weight.

6 things to eat to lose weight


The apples are at the top of this list. Nutritionists recommend eating up to three apples per day so you do not feel hungry, and they in turn will speed up metabolism and stimulate losing the weight. You can achieve the same effect with the asparagus, but it is less tasty than the apple for the nuance.


Beans saturate, easily digested and have a lot of fiber, making it ideal food for weight loss. It is also rich in antioxidants, iron, potassium and zinc. But if you want something sweet then pick berries or citrus. Berries (raspberries, blackberries, etc.) are delicious, but contain very few sugars and can therefore be consumed in large quantities. Citrus, on the other hand, quickly saturates and makes you feel hungry.

Fresh cheese

Fresh cheese contains many proteins, and can be combined with any type of food. For example, you can combine it with eggs, which, like cheese, are very quickly processed in the body, but are also really cheap. If you can not find fresh cheese, then you can replace it with sour cream.

Kale and potato

Kale also protects the eyes. Read more here

Kale and potato are the last two groceries that enter this list. Like all previous ones, they quickly saturate and are easily processed, and the huge advantage is that you can easily find them on the market at any time of the year.

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