3 Days 3 Kg Less. Make This Salad Now

The benefit of this salad is that the whole vegetable that enters into its composition is low-calorie. Such a salad almost corresponds to people prone to obesity and to those who lead a static way of life. If you like salads, the best way to lose weight may be salad diet. In its basis is the salad that should be eaten for three days. In addition, take fermented dairy products, fruits, and green tea. This short-term unloading will not only help you get rid of three pounds of fat, it will also soften your fatigue and lift your mood.

How to make the salad

The diet recipe is somewhat different from the classic. Fo,r its preparation it is necessary: four potatoes, two beets, three carrots, one onion, one jar of canned peas, fresh greenery, 250 g of non-fat cheese.

Cook the potatoes, carrots and beets. Cut them into small cubes, and mix them. Add the peas, finely chopped onions, and the greenery. It would be ideal if the salad is salt-free, but if you do not like it, it’s best to salt it a little. Instead of topping, use low-fat cheese. If desired, replace the cheese with one percent kefir and a regular onion with a young one. Also, in all ingredients, due to its diversity, you can add sea cabbage.

Diet rules

During the diet, you can only eat salad. It is better to always eat it fresh so that you will store as many useful substances as possible. For example, in the morning, cut the vegetables, but season it and mix it immediately before eating.

Of the extra food during the day, you can eat two apples, kiwi or oranges.

For breakfast recommended purified water, green tea without sugar, non-fat varieties of various fermented dairy products (for example, one percent kefir).

Duration of the diet is three days, then you can go to an ordinary diet of healthy eating.