The fruit of Lanzones or more popularly known as the fruit of duku in Indonesia is a type of fruit that is normally consumed as a sweet dish. They did not know that this fruit cannot simply be consumed as fruit, but also as jam, stuffed pudding and the like.

Lanzones fruit has been known as a delicious fruit that contains many health benefits. It has been described that raw lanzones have a greenish color and a sour taste. On the other hand, the mature one has a yellowish color and has a sweet taste. However, if you accidentally bite the seeds you have, then what you will taste is bitter, so it is better to be careful when eating lanzones. You can choose what you like, raw or mature.

Here is the list of the health benefits of Lanzones for your body:

Loaded with antioxidants

It is known that the Lanzones fruit is loaded with vitamin C which has the ability to function as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are very necessary for the human body to inhibit the damage caused by those cells of free radicals within the body. In addition, antioxidants can help the body prevent damage caused by pollution and toxic substances.


In addition to those dangerous diseases in the world, free radicals have been known as one of the reasons behind premature aging. The lanzons have become one of the fruits that have the ability to prevent premature aging thanks to its antioxidant content that can effectively fight free radicals. In addition, it also contains vitamin C which acts to protect lipid proteins, as well as nucleic acids and carbohydrates from damage caused by free radicals or pollution and toxins.

It makes the teeth stronger

Many people do not really know this kind of Lanzone’s skill, but this fruit can also be used to strengthen teeth and keep healthy teeth. Regular consumption of this fruit will help you have whiter and stronger teeth. Everything is due to its phosphorus content which is really useful in making your teeth stronger and healthier.

It maintains the health of the gum

Like what we mentioned above, the Lanzones fruit is loaded with vitamin C which has the ability to treat gums, as well as keep them healthy. You should know the health benefits you can get from vitamin C, especially for health and beauty for most women.

It makes the immune system stronger

Vitamin C contains many benefits when it comes to the health of an individual. Fortunately, the lanzones are full of them. It can also be beneficial for the health of the whole body that refers to the immune system. Vitamin C has the ability to strengthen the immune system, particularly in the fight against any disease, and it is also beneficial for people who are still in their recovery period.

Weight loss

Many people are not informed about this kind of skills that the lanzones can really do. The lanzons are really effective to help you lose weight. This fruit can help your body to take carnitine. Carnitine is responsible for the direction of fat molecules in a fat-burning tissue. However, the lack of fat molecules is not healthy because it can cause fatigue and less energy for the body.

On the other hand, when the carnitine in the body is diminished or there is not enough, there will be an accumulation of fat in the body. Therefore, the fruit of lanzones can help the body acquire sufficient amounts of carnitine which is essential for the whole body. For people who follow a diet plan, they can also consume several pieces of fruit, lanzones, and apples for optimal results.

Smooth the digestive system

A lot of fruit in the world has the ability to calm and make the digestive system smooth and one of these fruits is lanzones. Like them, it contains fibers that have been known as the main component that the digestive system needs to alleviate and soften. Furthermore, the fruit of lanzones may also be useful for inhibiting cancer in the digestive tract. Compared to apples and oranges, the lanzone contains more calories, in addition to minerals and iron.

Healthy skin

A healthy skin is one of the important things that most women want to achieve and will only be possible with the help of Vitamin E. Fortunately, the lanzones fruit contains vitamin E which is known to be useful for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin. Beyond that, it can also prevent premature aging, soften and moisturize the skin, as well as protect the skin from UV rays and help the faster healing of wounds.

Cholesterol levels control

The consumption of lanzones regularly is extremely beneficial, especially for those people suffering from high cholesterol levels. Fortunately, the lanzons contain vitamin C which is known to have the ability to help cholesterol metabolism in bile acids.

Treatment of diarrhea and fever

One of the well-known health benefits of the lanzones fruit is its incredible ability to treat diarrhea, in addition to reducing heat or high fever. All you have to do is get the sesame seeds and crush them completely before adding them to the water. Consume this remedy at least once a day for optimal results immediately.

Get rid of the mosquitoes

Many people do not know this surprising fact that everything about the lanzones is beneficial, the fruit itself, its seeds and even its shells. The sandal shell can actually be used to prevent mosquito bites in a natural way. If you want to use it as a mosquito repellent, all you have to do is burn your skin and those annoying mosquitoes will never bother you again.

Beneficial for the skin and the body

Another beneficial use of lanzones skin was discovered. In fact, you can use your skin as a facial cleanser by simply rubbing it on your face to remove acne, as well as to soften the skin and treat itching caused by insect bites.

Treat worms

As we all know, children are the most vulnerable when it comes to problems with worms. Symptoms of intestinal worms include unexpected weight loss, pallor, as well as not being energetic or energized and scratching or biting the anal portion regularly. If you suspect your child has any of these symptoms, you can completely count on sandals to get over it. All you have to do is crush the seeds of the fruit completely before mixing them with at least ¼ of a cup of water. Take this incredible remedy about twice a day for optimal results.

Healthy hair

Surprisingly, the lanzones fruit has the ability to maintain health both inside and out. From the inside, it can actually help the hair to keep it hydrated thanks to its nutritional content. On the other hand, from the outside, you can use it as a natural mask. In addition, consumption of lanzones fruits can also help prevent hair loss, as well as maintaining their nourishing, bright, strong and healthy appearance.

Take care of your nails

One of the best health benefits you can get with the lanzones fruit is for the health and beauty of your nails. The secret of sandals is its ability to free itself from the dirt that got stuck between the nails and the skin simply by destroying a mature lanzone with the use of fingernails. It is really effective and also a healthy method.

After knowing all these incredible and effective health benefits of the lanzones fruit, try to consume several pieces regularly to have a healthier and longer life. You can also share this with your family and friends to help them.

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