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Exotic Fruit

The Exotic Fruit With Outstanding Health Benefits, Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Heals Lung Conditions

According to the legend, anyone who eats the exotic fruit ‘dragonfruit’ becomes powerful as the only mythical creature that has been burning with fire. It is an exotic tropical fruit, also called pitaya. It is a fruit of cacti, species belonging to the genus Hylocereus, and also called it ‘royal fruit’.

Originally from Mexico, but also from parts of South and Central America. But it is grown in many Asian countries, including Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, but it is also found in other tropical parts of the world such as Hawaii, South China and North Australia.

There are different types of fruit and can be found in acidic, but also in sweet varieties. The fruit itself has a weight of 150 to 600 grams, and within it is a sweet, juicy and very tasty white pulp with many edible seeds.

It blossoms several times every year, and the flower is beautiful, about 15 cm long and 30 cm wide in diameter, blooms at night and dies at the first rays of the sun.

It gives a yield after a successful plunging of night molesters and bats.

Early fruit is not edible, but only meat in the interior. The fruit is cut into half and the inside is eaten with a teaspoon or ordered on slices of watermelon. The insides of the fruit can be made into juice and drink.

Exotic Fruit

Dragon Fruit is recommended for its rich nutritional value for:

  • eye health improvement – carotene
  • Improving digestion in the body and reducing fat – fiber
  • Improvement of body metabolism – proteins
  • as an aid in the formation of healthy teeth and solid bones – calcium
  • to improve appetite loss – vitamin B2, B1
  • Improving skin look -B3
  • Improvement of the general immune system – Vitamin C
  • as an aid in the formation of tissue – phosphorus

Further, it helps regulate blood sugar levels, according to Taiwanese physicians who recommend it to diabetic patients. They have proven that the fruit of the South American cactus has many health benefits, and has been proclaimed supernumerary in 2013, recently announced the Daily Mail

Useful in fighting diabetes

High fiber content in question helps maintain blood sugar levels and is recommended to consume this fruit regularly.

Improves immunity

As it is rich in nutrients, this fruit helps strengthen the weak immune system and prevents the development of many diseases.

Asthma Ally

Dragon fruit helps in cleansing the respiratory system because it is rich in vitamin C. It is therefore of vital importance to those who suffer from asthma.

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