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This Plant Can Heal And Regenerate Your Cells From Toe To Head. Eliminate Diabetes, Prostate Problems And Sciatica Pain

Nettle is a folk remedy, preventive remedy, and food. For the medicine, the tops of the branches with the leaves, the leaves themselves, the whole overgrowing herb when blooming or just the root. The youngest is most appreciated. Only young, juicy, healthy, whole leaves should be collected in a dry and nice time when the dew is dried up, and as soon as possible to dry in a thin layer, with a frequent twist, so that the dried sheet can preserve the lights and beautiful green color.

Chemical composition:

In the leaves, there are tannin, many salts and chlorophyll, ant and acetic acid, carotene, phytosterol, lecithin, significant amounts of vitamins c and k, mucus, wax, and quartic acid. In their leaves that drain the skin. The nettle has acetylcholine and histamine that, with an amount of 1/10000 milligrams, fry and seal the skin. The presence of glycocholate could explain and justify the need for nettle against diabetes.

Medicinal properties

Tea or alcohol extract from the grass (herb, the overhead part of the herb) or, more often than root. Is used for diarrhea, white purification, hemorrhoid bleeding. And in general to stop internal or external bleeding (tannin action) for hair growth, against hair loss, and against dandruff. Freshly collected hives for filling places in the body that are prone to rheumatism, sciatica or neuralgia are still used.

Chlorophyll from the nettles has been successfully applied to various infections. The disruption of the so-called exchange of substances and anemias occurred after the application of deep radiotherapy. Chlorophyllode cohort increases the blood pressure that leads to normal. Which is why in recent years it has been given as an adjunct to the herb called digitalist lanata in the treatment of heart disease. As well as children with rickets, yellow fever, gallstones, and so on.

The nettle tea against diabetes and prostate problems


-1 tablespoon of nettle leaves

-1 cup with 200 ml of hot water (not boiling but very hot)


Put the leaves in the hot water. Then cover the cup and leave the tea for 5 minutes. Strain the preparation and drink in small sips.