Combat Diabetes

Combat Diabetes, Quickly Thin, Eliminate Fat from Veins and Caps, Deflate Organs, Treat Hypertension, Gastritis and More

In this herb, more than in other granular crops, there are iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, boron, iodine, nickel and cobalt. Elders contain amino acids (citric acid), as well as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), PP nicotinic acid, R (routine), B6 (folic acid) and others. In the buckwheat, there is 2.6 percent fat (more in oats and wheat only), 60 80 percent starch, 10-18 percent protein, which is less only in relation to the peas. Buckwheat proteins, in terms of nutrition and ease of adoption, are much better than the proteins of all other grains. The seeds combat diabetes, help you lose weight, treat gastritis and more.

Helps to lose weight

Modern neuropathologists recommend the following: clean the grains of buckwheat and put them in cold water to sit overnight. After 24 hours, spill the water and leave the grains in a cool place (in the refrigerator). This way the grains can be used one or two days for eating. Three tablespoons of toasted grain should be added to one tablespoon of oil and honey. Thus the prepared grain is useful for older people with healthy teeth. It stimulates the salivation of the saliva and the work of the digestive tract as a whole, relieves the infections and neutralizes the toxic substances in the gut.

The buckwheat is also useful for those who suffer from obesity. Grains may and should be eaten in any type raw or boiled, with or without water, fried or baked in the oven or prepared as a mash. The most important thing is to chew them good in order to get full and to not overeat.


Use buckwheat mash against gastritis and against ulcers of the stomach and colon, in case of worsening of the disease. Such porridge acts on the stomach, and the body digs and absorbs it quickly and greatly. At the same time, our organism receives everything that is necessary for normal work: a balanced natural combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Combat Diabetes

The buckwheat tea is unrivaled in dieting diets. Try some of these recipes:

Wash the buckwheat grain, dry them in the oven and fry them in a pan without any additives until they get dark brown. Then grind them into a coffee grinder. Mix one tablespoon of flour from buckwheat with a glass of freshly prepared sour milk. This dish is used as a medicine twice a day, half an hour before breakfast and before supper, a glass.

In the oven bake pre-prepared buckwheat porridge until golden, brown bark is obtained.

How to make buckwheat porridge

In coffee grinds, grind buckwheat grains and mix them with a small amount of honey. If the mixture is very dense, add one or two tablespoons of water or corn oil. You should get a mixture of one tablespoon with a density of sour cream.