Eat Eggs

Why You Should Not Eat Eggs If You Have High Cholesterol

This time we will deal with a topic which at first glance has got us tired, so many do not want to hear about it, and in fact, much of it here is not clear to the common man.

First, they all plunged into the fight with high cholesterol and introduced motto to use “cholesterol free products”. And then it turned out that our organism could not work without cholesterol.

So what to do? How to stay healthy? It turns out that the most delicious products for most experts are harmful: eggs, butter, sour cream, pork, bacon, cheese. Even see food (squid, braids …). They contain a large amount of cholesterol but should we and can we completely give up their use? Or, if we use them, are we signing a death sentence?

Eggs and High Cholesterol

Many questions remained unclear about high cholesterol and its control. Recently, the negative attitude towards the use of eggs in atherosclerosis (the lecithin in the eggs, contributes to the release of cholesterol from the blood and is a source of phospholipids. Which are important for our organism), but it is still desirable that you limit their quantity to two to four pieces a week. Depending on the level of cholesterol in the blood. Because of the lack of phospholipids in the diet, the memory and concentration are worsening, the working ability decreases, the viscousness of the bile is increased (poorly flowing because it is dense), the bad cholesterol. Which accompanies the walls of the blood vessels, decreases with the good cholesterol, which prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Lecithin is also rich in unrefined herbal oils. A good source of low-fat lecithin is also whey.